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Putting An End To Hostile Work Environments

When the actions or words of a boss, manager or fellow co-worker create a harassing atmosphere, you may be able to bring a hostile work environment claim against your employer. Mere personality differences are not enough to show a hostile work environment. However, if the workplace environment is discriminatory or harassing enough that it impedes your ability to effectively do your job, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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What Makes A Workplace Hostile?

In order to prove that a workplace environment is hostile, there must be ample evidence of harassment or discrimination. Random or isolated incidents are not sufficient to prove a claim. The offending behavior must be severe, pervasive and have occurred over a period of time. If the behavior involves something more than offhand remarks and occasional crude behavior, you may have a strong hostile workplace claim.

You Do Not Have To Be The Target Of The Harassment

Because workplace discrimination laws are designed to protect and ensure a safe working environment for all employees, you do not necessarily have to be the target of the offending behavior in order to file a hostile work environment claim. If you are the witness to offending behavior or speech, and it is so severe and ongoing that it impedes your ability to successfully do your job, you may have a strong case.

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