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Employment Law FAQs

With more than 35 years of combined employment law experience, the attorneys at the Law Office of Jose G. Gonzalez have answered countless questions from employees who believe their rights were violated. Below are some of the most frequent questions we encounter. It is important to remember that everyone’s situation is unique and nothing can replace the advice you receive from meeting personally with a qualified lawyer. To schedule a consultation at our law office in Texas, call 956-731-4324.

How do I know if I was wrongfully terminated? When it comes to wrongful termination cases, much of the available evidence may be circumstantial. For example, if you made a complaint to your employer or reported an incident and were then fired soon after, it will be necessary to gather evidence that helps point to the actual cause of your termination. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case to determine if you have a claim that is worth pursuing.

My employer is lying about why I was fired. How can I expose the truth? There are very few employers that are going to come right out and say that you were fired because of your race or your gender. Oftentimes they will give a legal reason for the termination in an effort to obscure their true motivation. We can help gather various forms of evidence, including witnesses, emails, performance reviews and other documents to help strengthen your case and expose the truth.

My employer is breaking the law. Can I be fired for reporting an illegal action? No. Whistleblower laws provide protection for employees who report illegal actions taken by their employers. However, there are important considerations to bear in mind if you choose to move forward as a whistleblower. We can help ensure that everything is done by the book.

What’s the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? Employees are guaranteed certain benefits, such as break time and overtime pay. Independent contractors may not be eligible to receive these benefits. Some employers may improperly classify workers as independent contractors in an effort to avoid paying these benefits. We can help if you are the victim of employee misclassification.

Contact Us With Your Employment Law Questions

We are available to answer any specific employment law questions you may have. Call 956-731-4324. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message promptly. From our office location in McAllen, we serve clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas.

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